Our Story


My name is Selene and I grew up in Southern Oregon with five brothers and our mother, Suzia.  While she was raising us, Suzia opted to earn a living doing childcare out of our home so that she could remain the active parent she knew she must be.  She was able to supplement as a videographer while my brothers and I did paper routes. 

So many families struggle to balance financial needs with child rearing.  Employment opportunities with companies like Uber are beginning to allow not only parents, but people, the flexibility to have a life apart from their jobs.  Connect the Daughters can allow people this same flexibility.

Suzia and I share a passion for the environment and wanted to build a business that allowed us to honor that passion.  The average American purchases 64 new articles of clothing each year (down from 70!) and 80% of donated garments are either sent to the landfill or shipped overseas.  If each person committed to making even one of those purchases something as unique and sustainable as a Connect the Daughters dress, think of the impact that would have!

We see our dresses as an artifact for a greater conversation.  Upcycling is a great way to keep overhead low allowing us to empower others to join us as partners in other markets.  Our vision is to employ a lateral growth model that maintains our brand standards while putting the profits in the hands of the people making the dresses. We hope that others will be inspired by our concept igniting their own creativity in the upcycling space.